What is A Melanated Fantasy Joint?

“A Melanated Fantasy Joint is a fantasy book, fantasy series, audiobook, Ear Movie, comic book, anthology, and/or collection of books, wherein which, the author and most of its characters are of a melanated race, culture, or creed and invoke certain feelings, thoughts, or memories pertaining to environments, time periods, or experiences predominantly considered to be of or associated with a subculture, hip-hop, ghetto, or retro nature.”

Why A Melanated Fantasy Joint was created?

A Melanated Fantasy Joint is a book genre created while author, Cheketa Tinsley, was writing her first book, Strange Clouds, A Melanated Fantasy Joint, Book I.  An idea of how and why AMFL was created can be formed from the preface where Tinsley begins with, “I’m so proud to say that Strange Clouds is my baby, but I haven’t always felt that way.  In the beginning, I was afraid to share my main characters, their real and sometimes abrasive dialogues, and complexities to the world.”  She went on to describe a dry spell where her characters refused to speak to her when she attempted to censor them.  “I could feel their rebellion, refusing to allow me to channel them again until I grew “a pair”.  They wanted so desperately to have permission for all of themselves to walk through that door.  I felt inner reassurance of the importance of allowing my readers to experience each character in high definition.  It was a crucial component in measuring the level of maturity that they were to exude.  Literarily correct or poetic justice, I was uncertain of my delivery, so I found myself setting Strange Clouds down for many months after only writing the first few chapters.”  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of her lead characters, Raysean, began to speak again.  Tinsley went on to describe his proposal,”He shot straight from the hip with his proposition.  He had punished me enough.  The agreement was simple.  He would allow me to watch, just as long as I recorded everything just as it occurred.  No sugar coating.  No cherries on top.  I would not censor them and they, in turn, would allow me to be a fly on the wall.  Nevertheless, I still found my self searching for examples of my style of writing, needing validation to write a melanated fantasy story, uncensored and with unblinking honesty.”  Tinsley was unsuccessful in her high and low search for writing styles that mirrored her own – so she created one.